Praise for the Small Miracles

This week we are rejoicing for the opportunity to present the gospel with someone who actually listened.  I was talking with a man and a friend.  Sinesa <Sinesha> saw the tract in my pocket and asked to read it.  The conversation gave me the opportunity to share my testimony.  While neither men were ready to make a profession of faith both are now contemplating the Truth which they learned from the Word of God.

The small miracle may actually be HUGE.  When so many reject the gospel, tracts, and our message; it is refreshing when someone is not only interested but listens intently.

Thank you Lord:
- For the faithful support from churches in America to pray for us and give sacrificially enabling us to be work in Croatia.

- For opening the door to share the gospel.

- For the encouragement needed to keep going in spite of the difficulties we face

Great Power!

I read recently in Acts about something that I sincerely desire for our ministry and personally for my life. After my study I concluded that perhaps every ministry and sincere follow of Christ would want the same thing.

"And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all."  Acts 4:33

This kind of power does not happen by chance.  The apostles had to make an effort, the Lord had to work, and the result was evident to others.  Everything began in chapter 2.

1.  Apostles receive the Holy Spirit and preach the gospel (2:14-40).

2.  God performs a miracle which opens the door to preach the gospel (3:10- 19).

3.  Opposition comes with an attempt to stop the preaching of the gospel (4:1-21).

4.  Opposition motivates the apostles to pray (4:23-33).


1.  We must be faithful to be witness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

2.  We must recognize the miracles in our lives - no matter how small.

3.  Give God the glory for the miracle then proclaim the gospel.

4.  Expect that opposition will come.  Do not be discouraged but allow it to motivate you to prayer.

5.  Pray asking God to help us to be faithful in spite of the opposition.

Mission Conference - The Pennicle of the Year

We recently completed the annual mission conference at our sending church, Buford Road Baptist, which was the highlight of our furlough.  Surely, every missionary feels this way about their sending church but allow me to state the obvious.

No other event on the church calendar receives as much attention nor requires as much planning as does the Mission Conference.  Dr. J Tony Kohout Jr and his staff very carefully consider each missionary family in prayer before inviting them to participate.  Every detail is considered from being the greatest blessing for each member of the missionary family to exposing each church member to the importance of missions.  The end result is a desire to see the missions program grow each with an increase in giving so the ministry can stretch further around the world.

The first meal and orientation on Saturday is always an indication as to what the week will be like.  Well planned, organized, and uplifting.  Each day featured a different missionary.  While there was always reason to rejoice at what God was doing through the ministry of each missionary the reality that there is still a great work to be accomplished was made clear.  As active members of Buford Road Baptist we have the privilege to support each of the missionaries featured this year.

Sujo John is a dynamic evangelist who preaches all over America but also in India.  He has a burden to rescue young people who are victims of human trafficking.  I truly believe that this problem is greater than we realize and touches every society around the world.  Roy and Patti Pierce with Amazing Grace Mission represent our church in fairs and conventions all over the east coast.  They have seen many profess Christ as saviour and always seek a local church to follow up with the individuals who made decisions.  This method has proven itself to be effective.  It was exciting to hear of stories where some have returned a year later to share their testimony of how God has changed their lives.  The Burgeys to South Africa were a new family to our church this year.  They too had a powerful testimony and burden for the oprhaned of South Africa.  We were reminded that the Great Commission includes discipleship.  Through the ministry of orphanages it is possible to see young people give their lives to Christ.  The result would be their service in a local church or even becoming missionaries themselves.

The conclusion of the week is the apex.  There are presentations to each missionary with gifts that are far more than we deserve but very helpful to each individual considering their wants and needs.  Then the members form a circle around the sanctuary with candles.  The pastor lights the two candles closest to him and the light spreads.  What is most amazing is to see how quickly the darkened room is illuminated with the light from each candle burning.  This year I watched as some candles' flame burnt out; others reached out to them to reignite their light.  Our light has definitely been brightened.

We return in two months to Croatia with the Light of Christ burning brighter in our lives.  We will rekindle the lights that may have dimmed in our abscence and to share the Light chasing the darkness that has overtaken the country.  "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."  Matthew 5:16

Our Latest Video

It has been a busy 10 days for us.  But that is another blog post.  We wanted to share with you our latest video.  You can follow the following link:

We would like to thank Bro Kyle Hake for the work he put into taking our pile of digital files, sorting through them, getting a sense of our burden, then putting all together in a format for which we lack the ability to do effectively.

We would like to thank you for your continued interest in our ministry.  Check back soon for another update.

In Christ,
Bro Kevin

Still Focused on Croatia

My last two posts read more like a devotion or Bible study but rest assured; we are still focused on reaching Croatia with the message of the gospel.  Our time on furlough has been productive both financially and spiritually.  We have been able to look back at our experience on the field for the sake of learning.  This "personal study" of the life of Joseph has helped me keep everything in proper perspective.

While things were somewhat different from what we expected; the end result is a positive outlook.  Overall our first term has kept us humble for every accomplishment was by God's grace alone through the work of the Holy Spirit.  We are actually thankful for the each and every difficulty because it opened doors of opportunity or put us in a better position to be witness for Christ.

Some of the lessons learned are these:

Our inability to use the language as we had hoped enabled us to develop strong relations with our neighbors. They have been happy to help and we have come to trust them.  We have shared the gospel with them repeatedly and believe that in God's timing we will see them come to trust Jesus as Savior.

We knew it would be difficult to see people come to trust Christ as Savior.  So much so that at times we became weary of the message being rejected.  However, the Holy Spirit is at work.  It was wonderful to see Him work in the heart of those who did take that step of faith with us.

God is providing for us financially as we have seen an 11% increase in support over where we were this time last year.  Clearly there is a work to be done in Croatia and we are supposed to be a part of it.

Thanks for your prayers for us during this time of furlough.  Each day that passes brings more excitement about our return in October.  Stay tuned for more lessons from Joseph.  I pray that you too will learn from his example and follow the Lord's leading for your life - especially if it includeds you coming to Croatia to work with us.